How to cope with COVID 19 guide.

CBD for Covid 19

BMB’s – How to cope with COVID 19 guide.

In some way all of us have been affected by COVID-19 and we have entered 2021 with the third lockdown, which may make us feel anxious and stressed due to the lack of control we all have. However, we can try to help ourselves by looking after our body and mind in this uncertain time.


Now more than ever we need to look after our health. While no foods can prevent or cure COVID-19 infection, a healthy nutritional diet will support and strengthen our immune systems. A balanced diet will hugely help with our energy levels, which is a big struggle for many people right now. Try to avoid processed food, instead include daily whole foods, fruit and vegetables.  Check out our Hemp and CBD ingredients to add some awesome flavour and nutrients to your meals.

Move your body

Try to move as much as you can. Regular physical activity can improve your health and can have immediate and long term health benefits.  It does not have to take long, just going for a 15 minute walk will help to clear your head and make you feel calmer and happier. There are a lot of different free online classes available online, or do some stretching, dancing or even running up and down the stairs.


Sleep is vital for every person’s overall health and well-being and it is so important because it allows your body and mind to recharge and repair. When we are fearful and anxious it can be hard to sleep, so establishing good habits around sleep is particularly important at the moment. Before going to bed make yourself a cup of our Body and Mind Botanicals delicious organic hemp tea with CBD, which will help you to fall asleep easier and allow you to have a restful nights sleep.


Managing our emotions and supporting each other can be challenging at the best of times. Therefore, especially now, we all need to be doing our best to pause and take a break and be proactive in looking after ourselves.  Every day allow some time just for yourself, find a way to be quiet, focusing on the present moment at least for a few minutes each day. Once the mind has found a way to be quiet and calm by being aware of the present moment, it may be possible to be grateful for what you have. And you will be more compassionate towards yourself and others.

Treat yourself

Also it is so important that we do something that makes us happy, such as going for a walk in the fresh air, make a nice cup of tea, read a book, watch a nice movie or have a bath.