Cannabis, Hemp And CBD Explained

Cannabis, Hemp And CBD Explained

What is CBD? What is CBD Oil? How does CBD Work? What does CBD Oil do?
Here we explain why cannabis is not all bad and with a little know how, you too can feel the perfectly safe and legal benefits of CBD.


At Body and Mind Botanicals, we believe the cannabis plant should be treated like its herbal cousins, the chamomile, the peppermint, the oolong.

But it’s got a bit of a bad reputation right?

In recent years, the CBD market has been booming but the fact that CBD comes from the cannabis plant is v.confusing.

Let’s clear this up.

The cannabis plant, like many other flowers and herbs, has various species. 

Broadly, these are classified as Hemp and Marijuana.

Hemp is used to make CBD, Marijuana gets people high.


Doesn’t Cause A High

In short, Marijuana varieties of the cannabis plant are psychoactive (will make you feel high) and Hemp varieties of are not (do not make you feel high). Instead, Hemp varieties are therapeutic.

 Think Good Twin & Bad Twin . . .

 There are two key chemicals responsible for the difference in feeling high or no high – CBD and THC.

 CBD = therapeutic

THC = psychoactive

Safe And Legal

Marijuana strains of cannabis are low in CBD and high in THC

Hemp strains of cannabis are high in CBD and low in THC.

In the UK, any cannabis derived product with less than 0.2% THC in it has been deemed safe and legal to consume. 

The CBD content can vary and is often referred to as the ‘dose, amount or portion’, which is measured in milligrams. Look out for this across all our products. You can learn more about CBD below . . .

Types Of CBD Products

CBD comes in many forms and not all CBD is the same.

CBD can be extracted using heavy manufacturing practices such as CO2 and Butane, which bombards the plant with chemicals to release the cbd and other cannabinoids, we believe this drastically alters the molecular structure making it less effective and potentially harmful to the body. The extract is then re-blended with carrier oil such as Hemp Seed Oil or MCT Oil, it can even be dry sprayed onto other food products like gummies and chocolate for example.

CBD can also consumed via natural methods such as Cannabis Tea, CBD Tea or Hemp Tea which allow the body to absorb the CBD via a delicious and safe drink.  CBD oil can also be made using a traditional cold press method ensuring he molecular structure of the compounds stay in their natural form.  This naturally effective CBD oil can then be added as ingredient to chocolate to make CBD chocolate or taken directly.

Technical Information

The cannabis plant contains over one hundred naturally occurring, active compounds – known as cannabinoids – and two of these are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The compound that earns “Cannabis” its infamy is THC, the substance that gives marijuana psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol, on the other hand, is a lesser known compound but one that has many health benefits without giving the user a mind-altering experience.

 When CBD is ingested, it doesn’t adversely affect brain chemistry to create a ‘high’ – it actually has counteractive properties to THC. Rather, CBD has in recent times been shown to have medicinal values and research shows that it is effective in pain relief without side effects such as lethargy and dysphoria.

CBD products can be produced using hemp or marijuana, the two types of cannabis plant that originate from the same plant species called Cannabis Sativa L. The two cannabis strains have long been cultivated by humans, who for thousands of years have used the plant for recreational and medicinal purposes.