FSA announce reduction in recommended daily intake of Pure Form CBD

FSA announce reduction in recommended daily intake of Pure Form CBD

The FSA announced on the 12th October 2023 they are reducing the provisional acceptable daily intake (ADI) for pure form (≥98%) cannabidiol (CBD) in foods from 70mg to 10mg. 


This recommendation is based on a study of a product called Epidiolex which contained (≥98%) pure CBD which is Isolated CBD powder. Isolated CBD powder undergoes an extraction process from Hemp that inherently alters the CBD's structural composition. As a consequence, products containing pure CBD as an ingredient have been necessitated to undergo a rigorous Novel Food approval process, as this substance is recognised as a novel ingredient in the context of food products.


It is crucial to delineate the disparity between isolated CBD and the naturally occurring CBD within Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) when it is consumed. Historically, the consumption of CBD within Hemp, including popular products like Hemp Tea, have been evidenced as safe and have a longstanding presence in the Food Catalogue, certifying its safety and legitimacy.


EU Novel Food catalogue statement ‘A history of consumption in the EU has also been demonstrated for the water infusion of hemp leaves (when not accompanied by the flowering and fruiting tops) consumed as such or as part of herbal infusions. Such use(s) is(are) therefore not novel. Only varieties of Cannabis sativa L. listed in the EU’s Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species (referred to as hemp) may be used for water infusion of hemp leaves.’


The safety of naturally occurring CBD from Hemp can be attributed to the synergy of multiple cannabinoids present in the plant, which the human body is adept at processing. Consequently, higher quantities of naturally occurring CBD in products like Hemp Tea are regarded as safe for consumption.


Regarding our Organic Hemp Tea there has been an established recommendation of 70mg per day. However, it is imperative to note that this guidance was primarily intended for products featuring pure CBD (Isolate) as an ingredient. It does not impact our range of Organic CBD products including Hemp Tea, Cold Pressed CBD Oil & CBD Capsules as all of our products are distinguished by their utilisation of naturally occurring levels of CBD derived directly from the Hemp plant, not extracted.


We are committed to complying with all applicable regulations and standards, prioritising the safety and well-being of our customers. Our ongoing mission is to provide high-quality, safe, and compliant products that meet the evolving requirements of the regulatory landscape. We will continue to monitor developments in this field and adapt our products as necessary to ensure they remain in full accordance with the FSA's guidelines.