Moringa – Is It The Next Miracle Plant?

Moringa – Is It The Next Miracle Plant?

What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera is a native tree from northern India that is rich in healthy antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It has several names such as the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree. For hundreds of years it has been used in non-western countries as a form of medicine which helps treat various conditions. More recently it has become popular as its benefits have been discovered and scientifically proven.

The leaves and the seeds are extracted from the tree and used as a natural remedy to reduce fatigue and inflammation, protect and repair skin cells, boost immunity, assist in muscle development and digestion and it is also used as a anti-stress remedy. The leaves are dried and sold as dietary supplements that come in powder or capsule form.

In this article we are going to dig into all of the benefits of Moringa, all of its uses and how it can be consumed.

Benefits and Uses of Moringa

The leaves contain many properties, minerals and vitamins that our bodies need, in fact, the Moringa tree has 7 times the amount of vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also contains calcium, protein, iron and amino acids which help both heal the body and help develop muscles. These are just some of the properties that make Moringa a natural remedy that has been used for: Diabetes, inflammation, joint pain, heart health and infections that are viral, bacterial or fungal.

Tiredness & fatigue

Once consumed the Moringa has many benefits, one of the benefits being reduction in tiredness and fatigue. These are generally caused by lack of iron, as Moringa is rich in iron this helps combat fatigue by replenishing the body with this mineral.


Moringa is also rich in antioxidants, these help protect, repair and prevent cell damage. In the long run this minimises the aging process.


Moringa has immune boosting powers that help the body prevent and right off infections and illnesses. It contains antioxidants which help both protect cells from damage and give the immune system a boost. For optimal function of the immune system the body requires iron and vitamin A, both of which Moringa leaves contain.

Muscle growth

Interestingly Moringa leaves are 25% protein which is unusually high for a plant. This protein helps aid and support muscle growth as well as help in the maintenance of muscle mass.


Incredibly the Moringa tree is a natural adaptogen which means that the plants are able to protect themselves against the toxic effects of stress. For centuries this plant has been used to help reduce stress and enhance general health.


Moringa leaves turned into a powder is a rich source of calcium which helps digestive enzymes function. As well as being 25% protein, the Moringa leaves are also 24% fibre which also supports and helps the digestive system.

Moringa’s antioxidant properties as well as it’s several minerals and vitamins have incredible benefits on the body which help it function the best it can. It can be consumed in many forms that include powders and capsules. To obtain the maximum benefits with facility we recommend taking capsules.

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