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Exclusive Share Ownership Opportunity for Body and Mind Botanicals Subscribers

Welcome to an exclusive opportunity as a valued member of the Body and Mind Botanicals family. We are thrilled to open the doors for you to be more than just a subscriber - become an integral part of our journey. This initiative is not just about growth; it's about inviting you, who have been with us through our journey, to share in our future success.

Exciting Developments at Body and Mind Botanicals

Our Crowdfunding Journey for Expansion: At Body and Mind Botanicals, we're on a mission to expand our reach and make our high-quality products more accessible.

We're proud to announce that our acclaimed Hemp Tea is now available in well-known stores like Ocado, Holland & Barrett, and TK Maxx. Moreover, we're actively working towards introducing it in Sainsburys and Tesco within this year.

Given the recognition of our CBD products as some of the best in the UK, it's crucial for us to amplify our message and let more people discover the benefits and exceptional taste of our offerings.

To achieve this, we're initiating a crowdfunding campaign to fund a comprehensive advertising program, ensuring that our products reach a wider audience.


Body and Mind Botanicals is on the precipice of huge growth and success.

We have a limited amount of shares available so register your interest in owning part of Body and Mind Botanicals today.

We value transparency and honesty. Investing in shares involves risk and a potential of loss of funds. M&M Innovation Ltd t/a Body and Mind Botanicals complies with all financial regulations, ensuring a secure and ethical investment environment.