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Your trusted source for natural, plant-based food supplements and award winning herbal teas. Our commitment to your health is as pure as the ingredients we use. With us, you will discover a line of products that celebrate the power of nature, free from harsh chemicals and heavy manufacturing processes.

We believe that the best of health comes from the earth itself, which is why our supplements are crafted with care from organic plants. Our approach is simple: harness the natural potency of botanicals to support your wellness journey. From the nurturing calm of our hemp-derived CBD offerings to the revitalizing strength of herbal extracts, our products are designed with your holistic well-being in mind.

Step into a world where natural doesn't just mean extracted from nature, but also means respecting nature's simplicity and purity. At Body and Mind Botanicals, we're proud to offer you supplements that are as straightforward as they are effective – all while honoring the environment.

Thank you for choosing us as your partner in wellness. Explore our range and let nature's bounty lead the way to a healthier you.

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Buy with confidence from one of the UK's only CBD manufacturers. With full traceability from our farm to your home we produce award-winning, great tasting and accredited products naturally rich in CBD. Keeping the end product close to nature using traditional methods.

In the United States, the expanding industry for CBD health products has reached new heights. The CBD industry in the United Kingdom is not far behind the rest of the world. Body and Mind Botanicals produce robust quality Organic CBD Products in the UK.

Because it is still a developing market in the United Kingdom, there is a lot of misinformation about CBD, Hemp and Cannabis. We at Body and Mind Botanicals offer various FSA approved Hemp derived Organic CBD Products in the UK, including CBD Oil, CBD Hemp Tea, CBD Capsules, CBD Chocolate, Cannabis Seasoning, and CBD Bath Bombs.

No solvents, No chemicals and No nasties.

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